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OE Keep popping up to compact messages

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  • OE Keep popping up to compact messages

    Since we gradually update client's PC from W2k to XP+SP3, we find that Outlook Express keeps popping up to compact messages for some times.
    Most users are still using Outlook Express instead of MS Outlook. They are using IMAP protocol to retrieve emails so no need to compact email. If have any problem, they can clean up local email storage and re-download emails from email server.

    I've studied that it can be prevented from modify counter or registry. Or run a custom script when starting OE. But it's not convenient for I.T. admin installation.

    - How can prevent it to popup compact message easily?
    - Does Windows Mail improve this issue?
    Any comment? Many thanks.
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    Re: OE Keep popping up to compact messages

    This is the Outlook forum not the Outlook Express forum.

    Moved to Misc forum for a better response.