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    Has anyone played around or installed HP SIM software? Reason I am asking because I didn't really have any issues setting up and all that... what I am having an issue with is a process called mxdomainmgr.exe which grows to 1gb in memory usage...

    The problem I am currently faced with is that once it gets to 1gb memory usage, my server becomes really slow. I currently have 2GB of memory on the server and I have both HP SIM and WSUS3 on the server and both are using WMSDE/MSDE.

    Based on the research I've done, this is a very common problem with the software any it spans across many different versions of HP SIM.

    I have HP SIM version 5.3 with SP1, my server is an HP Proliant DL320 G2, Intel P4 2.6Ghz CPU with 2GB of ram. The OS is Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition with Service Pack 2.

    To troubleshoot, here's what I've done:

    1. Each monitored server has the SNMP service installed and under the security tab on the service, I disabled the "Send authentication trap" because I am using trusted certificates and a different community name (rather than the default) so I don't really think I require this extra security feature.

    2. Using the SQL Server Management Studio, I opened the MSDE database. Within the properties of the database under the memory tab, I adjusted the dynamic memory from 0 which I believe is used for allowing the server to use as much memory as it needs to 512MB which is practically 1/4 of the memory I have.

    All of this is what was mentioned on the HP Forums and for some users it works for others it doesn't. Setting all this up brings the mxdomainmgr.exe process down to 250MB but in a period of a few days it grows back to 1GB. Other things I tried was setting the discovery to 1 month vs 2 weeks and that didn't do much.

    Right now I am probably going to install more memory into the server, roughly around 2gb more to make it 4gb and see if that does anything...

    Btw when the mxdomainmgr.exe service reaches 1GB my server only has 122-128MB of available memory which puts the server into a crawl and they only way to fix it is to kill the process and have it restart it self then I am good again for a couple of days....