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tempdb losing permissions after reboot sql 05

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  • tempdb losing permissions after reboot sql 05

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for taking the time to read this... I was rather surprised to see that there is no category for SQL Server on these forums, at least none that I saw...

    I'm actually trying to trouble shoot this for one of the programmers that I work with, I am not very well versed in SQL. So far I can't seem to find the answers from google and other forums, I'm hoping someone here can just point me in the right direction.

    My question for the experts here: I have a SQL server 2005 box and for one of the applications we are working on, the programmers have used a "tempdb" database for some reason. I can try and find out more, but the programmers speak a different language than me...

    The tempdb database loses permissions after a reboot? I have read that this may be normal behavior, but does anyone know what the solution might be... do they need to set up a different database and not use the tempdb?


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    Re: tempdb losing permissions after reboot sql 05

    The "tempdb" is a system database so you shouldn't really play with it.

    The tempdb system database is a global resource that is available to all users that are connected to an instance of SQL Server. The tempdb database is used to store the following objects: user objects, internal objects, and version stores.

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