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Suggestions for running CS3/CS4 in LAN/Server Env. ?

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  • Suggestions for running CS3/CS4 in LAN/Server Env. ?

    Id like to hear from the admins dealing with a significant amount of Adobe CS3/CS4 users, in a LAN/Server environment.
    What are the specs of the machines (PC's) that run it well ?
    Are you using font managers ?
    Are you the users editing files located directly on the server ?
    Im running all machines well above Adobe spec, Server 03 domain, Gbit Lan, Citrix ASA router.
    The guys here are of course whining about Macs, but they also state that font manager software would help resource usage on the workstations. When the apps launch in the AM, performance is great, as the day wears on, machine performance lags, and PS or Illustrator will eat itself. Event viewer has no other details except for App Hang.
    Just wondering of there is something I could be doing to better help these guys.

    Anyone have thoughts on this ?

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    Re: Suggestions for running CS3/CS4 in LAN/Server Env. ?

    Adobe have some guides for various senarios. Might be worth have a search of their site for some guides to what you want to do.
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      Re: Suggestions for running CS3/CS4 in LAN/Server Env. ?

      The adobe suite is huge so it depends on the needs. However I actually agree on using macs for this kind of applications.
      Either Photoshop and Illustrator are memory killers and IMHO currently the Mac beats Windows with such apps.
      Also those files are getting huge and therefor working locally might be a better option.
      However I also do understand you don't want macs because of ease of management, maintenance etc.

      Anyway, make sure you have a loads of memory in those machines and fast networkspeed might help either while transferring.
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