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Format Drives via Boot Disks

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  • Format Drives via Boot Disks

    I've got 250 PC's that need formatting (Various models, PC's and Laptops mainly on windows XP) by a novice computer user, I was wondering if there is any way to create a boot disk/USB Drive that will automatically format the Hard drive without any user interaction?


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    Re: Format Drives via Boot Disks

    Is it a secondary drive in the PC or are you wanting to format and reinstall the OS?


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      Re: Format Drives via Boot Disks

      Its the primary drive on PC waiting to be reallocated throughout the business. Basically want a guarentee that EVERYTHING is off the computer so we can free up all the licenses recorded for the PC's. so no OS no software no files nothing.

      Want it done semi autonimously....


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        Re: Format Drives via Boot Disks

        Have you got the HP utility to make a USB pen/thumb/key drive bootable? This link may be of help. or you can make usb drive bootable .
        I have one (that I prepared earlier) and all that need to be done is modify Autoexec.bat to run the format command. I would suggest using the /q switch as a full format can take some time.

        Alternatively there are 3rd party apps that will wipe the HDD clean of ALL info so it can not be easily recovered. A formatted HDD can be easily unformatted and any company data, confidential or not, that was on the laptop can be retrieved.
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          Re: Format Drives via Boot Disks

          script it:

          format C: /q /y

          nothing leaves our office though without someone having run the DBAN utility on it..
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