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Xbox 360 Pad Connection Issues.

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  • Xbox 360 Pad Connection Issues.

    Basically, my old 360 broke, so i kept the pads for use on PC games, however, they were wireless, so i went out and got a play and charge kit for them, installed all the drivers, and then went to play... to find out that i coulden't as it refuses to connect.
    It shows in my device list as installed and working, I've redownloaded the drivers twice, disabled and re-enabled it in devices, still nothing.
    Any ideas?
    (P.S. My OS is XP Home SP2)
    1.6GHz Intel Celeron, Overclocked to 2GHz
    1GB RAM
    40GB HDD
    128MB Intel Graphics
    3x USBs
    3GHz AMD Phenom x3 (overclocked)
    4GB RAM
    2X 500GB HDDs
    a 512MB ATi Radeon of some description (cant remember lol)
    X - Fi Soundblaster pro sound card
    5X Cold Cathode Case Lights
    12X USBs

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    Re: Xbox 360 Pad Connection Issues.

    What drivers have you downloaded? An initial Google suggests that the play and charge kit is literally that - just a power cable. I suspect the drivers you've downloaded are for the wired controllers, which can be used with a PC rather than an Xbox.
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