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Belkin and Airport express problems

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  • Belkin and Airport express problems


    I have a belin router with a airport express connected to it - Connected to the airport express is my xbox 360 (wired),

    the airport is connected to the belkin wirelessly- all of it works fine however the airport randomly flashes orange for 3 seconds every ten minutes - when this happens it cuts the connection to a game on the xbox 360 and then have to restart the match again!

    This there any fixes out there?, can any one help me ?


    Belkin F5D7230uk4 - router i have

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    Re: Belkin and Airport express problems

    Belkin I have never liked but that I suppose if beside the point. Setup Netstumbler and see if you have any eletronic interference that may be causing the regular disruption. eg a cordless phone sending a heartbeat to the base station every 10 minutes or something like that.

    You could also try updating the device to the latest Firmware and see if that helps.
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      Re: Belkin and Airport express problems

      i have installed network stumbler but my wireless card is not supported ! is there any think what would work ?

      802.11g mini wireless card - with e-system 3115 system