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    What backup software do you use and why? I am trying to find some software that is easy to manage multiple desktops (Windows XP Pro) from a single console and allow profiles for each department.

    I have tried
    - Acronis True Image Echo Workstation (Struggled to find the basic setting of selecting what gets backed up)

    - Yosemite Server Backup Unlimited (Again struggled to navigate the user interface and really didn't like the way it works)

    So what else is their on the market?


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    Re: Enterprise Backup Software

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      Re: Enterprise Backup Software

      Have you tried
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        Re: Enterprise Backup Software

        i use acronis snap deploy (with universal restore) to make images of laptops and desktops. One of the features is to deploy an agent from the management console and take images of the machine or selected directories - works well.


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          Re: Enterprise Backup Software

          You can use Veritas Backupexec Desktop & laptop option.


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            Re: Enterprise Backup Software

            We try to avoid users having anything on their machines data wise to avoid the need for backup or imaging software on the workstations. Generally speaking we recommend redirecting My Documents and using WDS for images. We tested this from a DR point of view and can get a users workstation back up in around an hour depending on the size of their My Docs.

            Bit more work with XP though, you're stuck with having an image for each department and one for each HAL type for the machines.
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              Re: Enterprise Backup Software

              We only have a small organisation, but we don't back up workstations or laptops.
              Consultants are responsible for their own backup routines of any data stored on their laptops.

              In the office - use your network drive thanks.

              We have ghost images, and all our workstations are the same, so if it gets borked, we just re-deploy the image...
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