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Copying Files automatically

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  • Copying Files automatically

    I have users uploading files onto an FTP server, as soon as they have been uploaded they need to be picked up & moved to a different server where they can be processed. Or of possible attached to an email & sent to a mailbox.

    Does anyone know of any software that can do this without having to write any scripts, or would this be easy to accomplish with a script?

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    Re: Copying Files automatically

    Robocopy can do this as far as I know. It's part of the Windows Resource Kit, or native in Vista/2K8.
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      Re: Copying Files automatically

      Cool, cheers for that I can definitely use this in some way. Any ideas how to set the automation side up? This is the most important bit really. I need something to be constantly running a script say every minute or every 5 minutes. The script could then monitor the first folder so when docs are dropped in there they are moved into the second folder.

      I donít want to have to set multiple schedules up with Windows task scheduler or this would take forever. Would some kind of a loop script work but I'm trying to avoid using a script if poss as I'm not brilliant at scripting.


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        Re: Copying Files automatically

        Robocopy has the option to "watch" folders for changes and take action based on those changes. So robocopy can do everything you need without the use of scripts, etc. Read the robocopy documentation to learn about all the options.