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Have you been involved in a DataCenter move?

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  • Have you been involved in a DataCenter move?

    Hi !!

    I'm gonna be involved in a datacenter move, and I don't have a clue about how to do it properly.
    I have got a lot of documentation from internet about how and what take care.
    Do you have experience moving Datacenters?
    Do you have a commond mistakes to avoid list ?

    Please let me know your experience.
    I am really scared

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    Re: Have you been involved in a DataCenter move?

    How big is this datacenter? how many servers? What types of systems are in it? I.E. Active Directory, Exchange, databases, web servers, FTP, systems management, clusters, terminal services / Citrix, etc. and etc. blah and blah. Make sure you know your company's workflows (how does the accounting department work? How does the sales department work?) to know which systems depend on which other systems. That will aid you in knowing which systems to move and bring back up in the proper order.
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      Re: Have you been involved in a DataCenter move?

      Will the datacenter be moved all at the same time? Is it phased or the whole weekend no sleep move?


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        Re: Have you been involved in a DataCenter move?

        Been involved in one previously.

        It can be done in several ways, depending on the funding of the company itself.

        Cheap way would be as follows:
        If your customers are UK based, then move the servers from 1am onwards to the new location and presetup the DNS settings.

        Not Cheap way would be as follows:
        Utilise a big server where you can virtualise or at least load balance the services from the clients, while on the move there wont be any downtime, once moved you can disable the respected services of the customers on the big server.

        Hope you are not moving to far so you can apply the cheap version.
        Most datanceters go for the first one, unless you are someone like rackspace, then uptime is their service, so there is no chance they will go the cheap way as they will lose money and clients.