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Decoding MIME Formatted E-mails ?

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  • Decoding MIME Formatted E-mails ?

    For the first time ever , I have received an e-mail in what it states is MIME format.

    This , I think, is a confirmation of a hotel reservation but , as I do not know how to decode it , I cannot be certain.

    I have replied to it requesting a reply in normal text but , while awaiting this reply , I would like to find out more about MIME encoded e-mails.

    I have looked this up on the Web and found a page headed "How to decode an E-mail in MIME Format " but I found this "explanation" as obscure as the encoded e-mail !

    Can anyone help in this , please ?

    I use Eudora for my e-mails.

    Incidentally , although I looked carefully through the Forum Headers here I couldn't find anywhere appropriate to post this except here. I apologise if this is the wrong Forum.