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Boot Problem

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  • Boot Problem

    My computer won't boot.

    It beeps once and then hangs without doing the memory test. If I press DEL to enter Setup it then does the memory test but it's hit and miss whether the memory test is it likely to be memory??? If I hit DEL a second time I can get into the BIOS but upon leaving I'm left with a blank screen

    I've taken both my 512 sticks out a replacing them in different slots but to no avail

    I have two HDDs on Primary Master and Slave, and two CD drives on Seconday Master and Slave. Motherboard is ASUS A7N8X Deluxe, memory is 2x512MB PC2100 DDR-RAM from different companies.

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    The POST beep codes are in the user manual. These wil tell you what's wrong. Although memory is very probable.

    Try swapping for different, or even just removing 1 stick and leaving one in. Make sure all PCI cards are seated properly, along with any other cables you see.

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      I would suggest turning on the machine with only basic need for bios to wake up (cpu, memory, vga, keyboard) and see what happen.


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        well, who knows what the problem's started working again.

        I unplugged everything except the master hdd drive, didn't work. Switched the master and slave round to see if I could boot from effect. Went into BIOS enabled the power on at a certain time option, disabled it straight away, rebooted and it did the memory test was doing more than before so I enabled the quick POST option and it works.....

        Thanks for the some new memory on the way too....bought it just in case and it's an upgrade too.