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Seperate network for backups

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  • Seperate network for backups

    Hi All

    We currently have around 50 servers with dual nics (Windows/Linux). We don't team any of the nics together but all of the nics go on to our existing networks into Cisco Gigabit switches.

    We are having problems with backup times because of the routing being done between our internal and DMZ on the firewall (Cisco ASA 5510). I am thinking of buying a cheap separate Gigabit switch or two to create a seperate network (192.168.1.x) for the NICs on all the servers.

    By doing this I am thinking this is going to cause a security problem and make the network design completely useless. Any suggestions?

    BTW- We current are using Backup Exec 11D with remote agents

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    Re: Seperate network for backups

    well, for arguments sake, assume i'm able to break into serverA .. say, your IIS server, within your green zone.
    Presently, due to your firewalls and ACLs, i can't get to ServerB(payroll, for instance) to violate that server.

    However - now i've found a whole other network.. that has no ACLS or firewalls on it.. I can slide right into your ServerB via the other network...

    I especially wouldn't put the devices in the DMZ onto the same backup segment as the green zone without ACLing that as well.. thus essentially generating th same issue you're seeing now.
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      Re: Seperate network for backups

      Thanks for your reply

      Do you have any suggestions on how we should create a "backup network"?



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        Re: Seperate network for backups

        I'm not saying don't do it - I'm jus t saying tak security into consideration, and actively and effectively ACL the network, so that nothing works on it except the backup..
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