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    Hi All

    Well now we have a new department for Payroll & Accounts i was just curious what is best practise for this sort of setup.

    All new hardware will be brought and software has been sorted already.

    Now i have a few ideas, first is to buy new machines and double the drives and stick them all on RAID1, with a external backup server we have, getting data daily...

    And to have a central file system for items.

    Or the other idea was same as above except no RAID and rely on the backup server to grab data daily and push the data to another system (so two copys are allways present somewhere incase of flood or act of god etc...)

    What would you do for a setup?

    3 people will be working the systems, NO AD implemented or ever will.

    any feedback welcomed

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    Re: Payroll & IT Feedback

    Key concerns should be encrption, access control using passwords and the security of network traffic whilst replicating backups and users are accessing appropriate files and of course physical security.

    Also, make sure a AUP is signed and make users aware of where to save data. i.e. Data of a sensitive nature, should it have to be saved locally, must be encrypted and data on the file share also encrypted.
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      Re: Payroll & IT Feedback

      that thought didn't cross my mind with encryption and is a legal requirement :/


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        Re: Payroll & IT Feedback

        All of our users have their my docs / desktop redirected to the server, so those are backed up in various ways just fine. For more sensitive info, they're instructed to use a secured folder on the server. While IT still has access to the files, accounting / payroll encrypts them. That way we can't see the data, but we can help to recover the files if needed.
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          Re: Payroll & IT Feedback

          Originally posted by Flux View Post
          What would you do for a setup?
          First, set up Active Directory.

          Originally posted by Flux View Post
          NO AD implemented or ever will.
          Oh wait...

          You're going to have a harder time setting up access controls and backup measures without it... but you know that already I guess. It's doable, but just more of a headache. How many total users and workstations do you have to support in this workgroup environment. I'm not clean on what you mean by "3 people will be working the systems".
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