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sql mirroring - help

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  • sql mirroring - help

    we have two offices - only connected via adsl link

    on these we have a sql server with a database on it - linking to a software package

    this works fine on the network where the database is located, but its slow over the vpn connection between the offices

    is there a way to improve this - i believe mirroring wont work, as you cannot access the mirror? any other ideas - without increasing wan link speed

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    Re: sql mirroring - help

    What DBMS are you using - SQL Server?
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      Re: sql mirroring - help

      sql 2005 - standard version


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        Re: sql mirroring - help

        What about using Terminal services into the office where the database is located.

        How many Simultaneous users at the remote end and what bandwidth ADSL?
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          Re: sql mirroring - help

          its was initially setup as tsweb app. but the program exports documents into word using sql commands, because of this it open word remotely, so the current user cant use it (i.e. in ts web set up as a single app not remote desktop to ts server)
          when it does this the program just hangs (as it waiting for word to accept the sql command in word)


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            Re: sql mirroring - help

            Unless you have allot of very reliable bandwidth between the offices I wouldn't use SQL replication. I think full Remote desktop/TS is the way.