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Unknown Partition in Computer Management / Partition Magic

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  • Unknown Partition in Computer Management / Partition Magic

    I recently came across a computer with 16% disk space left on the windows partition, and alerted the user that it would be a good idea to resize the partitions. Diskeeper Professional diagnosed the obvious problem in drive space remaining. Anyone who uses Diskeeper Professional knows that a healthy defragmented disk runs Windows XP, or any OS for that matter, faster. Try it.

    During the resizing with utility Partition Magic (Norton), the program froze, and the PC required a rebooting. Upon the restart, when I looked in My Computer, the drive I was pulling space from was gone. Went to Disk Management, partition was read as healthy, "Unknown Partition." And from here, the only option was to delete the partition. Thanks, Windows...

    Read up on multiple threads, came across one here that took 2+ years for a response. It recommended getting a utility called "Test Disk" and using that to identify the problem. Not only was this utility useful, but it is actually the key to fixing the problem.

    If you are experiencing an issue with known working partitions showing as "unknown partition", search and download a utility called "Test Disk." Run the application in the "Win" folder after you unpack the zip file. Select the hard drive with the Unknown Partition. Choose to Analyze the drive, and let it scan the drive. After it scans the drive, at the next screen you should be able to view any partitions that are on the drive. Highlight the partition in question, press the arrow key left or right until it is registered as a Primary Partition. It will indicate this to the left of the partition listing. Hit enter, it will ask if you are sure. After that, it will say it requires a reboot for settings to change. I was able to go right into Partition Magic (disk management utility should work as well), right clicked on the drive, and changed the drive letter. Success!

    I will have to update this later, as I still need to figure out why Partition Magic froze. Probably another application interfering. I will update you on that when I get a chance to work on that PC again.
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