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  • Tools for application management

    Hello Folk

    I'm looking for tools that will allow me to manage the deployment and removal of Windows based applications from XP desktops. Additionally some tools for easy management of Group Policy are also required.

    We run a 2003 server environment and in essence would like to be able to remove MS Publisher from desktop PCs that are not authorised to run it. (approx 160 PCs). These were originally installed manually over the course of a couple of years but now it has been decided that they should all (bar a few) be removed.

    Can anyone suggest any easy to use tools that will help us with this?


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    Re: Tools for application management

    Active Directory itself has some fairly good software distribution tools. It can even uninstall software if your computer falls out of the OU's scope of the software installation policy. However, in your case I don't think that helps as the software was installed manually. SMS 2003 / SCCM 2007 come to my mind immediately. They're much more than just software management, but that is a big part of their usefulness. Beware that those programs are a significant investment of time and resources to set up, but the benefits can be huge if it's used properly. Plenty of other tools exist for managing software. I think LanDesk, ZenWorks, OpenView (which was recently renamed to something else... I can't remember what) and Tivoli can all do that to some degree. Once again, those tools are massive (and expensive) so I'm not sure that it'll fit your situation.
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      Re: Tools for application management

      Thanks, I figured it was a big ask but I'll take a look.