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Thoughts on password management software: Keepass

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  • Thoughts on password management software: Keepass

    I work in a relatively small environment where a program like Keepass that has no central management can be administered. We would only have 20-30 users that would need it. Those users each have greater than 15 sites or systems that they access on a regular basis to do their job. That's a lot of passwords to keep track of.

    I've been using Keepass for the last few months as well as a couple users and we have all benefited greatly. In order to help the other users who have a large number of passwords to keep track of I've been looking for a solution like Keepass.

    What are your thoughts on Keepass?

    How do you handle password management for users with a large number of passwords?
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    Re: Thoughts on password management software: Keepass

    So each user would have their own personal password database? I use KeePass extensively. Both personally and professionally. At one worksite, I store every administrative password in a KeePass file. That inlcudes local admin accounts, online accounts (for forums and business accounts), WEP keys, everything. I even store software licenses in a separate KeePass file (again, both personally and professionally). I have found that moving large quantities of passwords between folders in a KeePass file can be annoying. That's more of a user interface problem than anything. Maybe it will be fixed in a newer version (or maybe it already has been fixed... I'll have to check which version I'm using).

    It gets my seal of approval (as if that matters...).

    EDIT: One KeePass file can be opened multiple times by multiple users... however only one open instance (the first one) can be in edit-mode. All others are read-only. Keep that in mind if it's a shared KeePass file for multiple people.
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      Re: Thoughts on password management software: Keepass

      David Davis reviewed a password program in September 2007. Have a read and see if that would suite you. If he recommends it then it must be fairly good.
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        Re: Thoughts on password management software: Keepass

        Thanks for the feedback guys.

        Yes, each user would have their own database that they would maintain. The kdb files would be stored on a network share so it's getting backed up.

        The only problem I'm seeing is keeping track of the passwords to access the Keepass database files. For the users we distribute Keepass to I think we'll need to keep their Keepass passwords in our safe should something happen.

        The dilemma I'm trying to solve is the same one I'm sure plagues most if not all of us. We have users that have so many passwords they really have no choice but to keep track of them in some way. Very often that way is not secure, or not secure enough. Instead of just brining the hammer down and getting users written up by management for writing down passwords I wanted to give them a viable option. Once we have Keepass (or some other system) in place we'll be on much more solid ground when it comes to enforcing our password policies.

        Thanks for the heads up Biggles!
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