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  • In-Line Domain Change

    Hi all

    I have a new client which I may be building a completely new domain for to replace their current one.

    Their current one is on a server which has no RAID at all, is in a complete mess (maintained by guy that sold them pirated software...says it all...) and now I have taken over, it has been identified to be a high risk of having no RAID, no AV, no Backups...

    Server is old and due to be replaced anyway so I will likely build a brand new server from them with a brand new domain.

    However, I was wondering...

    Is there any easy way to transfer profile settings on the workstations from the old domain to the new? Things like the NK2 file, general preferences set etc.

    Obviously when I join the PC's to the new domain they will have a new profile and be blank...want to try and make the transtition as pleasent as possible for them.

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    Re: In-Line Domain Change

    Google USMT