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  • VoIP project

    My company just signed a deal to migrate our phone system from digital to VoIP. I am IT Manager so it's my next big project.
    I was wondering if anyone can give me heads up or any advice on this subject.
    What to expect ?
    What should I be aware of ?
    What kind of problems I might run it to ?

    Also equipment.
    Which PoE switches I should get (brand /model)

    And anything else I should know.
    Thank you

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    Re: VoIP project

    What did you sign exactly? A contract w/ a vendor for unknown SW/HW? Any other details?

    I've been through 2 different PBX -> VoIP transitions in 2 different companies, and both went over very well. It depends on how you are doing the transition. Some upgrade their PBX to work w/ a VoIP server, others use OCS to do it, others replace all of the hardware.

    Personally I love I3 from Interactive Intelligence. My old boss in fact now works for them. We had 6 of our offices around the country using it. Easy to set up call queues, or add offices, etc. One of our guys even set up an internal webpage where all we had to do was enter in the extension, office, and their name, and it would create the config file for the phone on the server, and that was all we had to do. The optional SW interface gave the users tons of options. Loved being to type in #s directly (even things like 1-800-flowers). You could see the phone status of other users with the software, transfer by typing their name, or searching for it, or dragging calls onto their name. Voicemails were stored as emails (1kb per second of recorded chat). Voicemails were accessible via the phone, software, or of course their email.

    BTW, I can't remember the REAL name of the SW, as we always called it I3. It can also hook into OCS.
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      Re: VoIP project


      Yeah, it all depends on what you signed for.
      We are going through a similar stage at the moment (PBX to VOIP)but we signed for a fully managed service. As part of that contract we get all the VOIP Hardware (Cisco IP phone 7941G) and the ARC console and all the calls obviously processed in their servers.
      Since they deal with Cisco hardware their only requirement was to provide Cisco switches which we gladily upgraded to Catalyst 3750.

      Best precautions would be to get the users trained to use and understand the new system.
      Make sure there is enough Network points available if you are not Daisy chaining the phones to the PCs.

      And also would be good to have one or more analog lines as a backup.

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        Re: VoIP project

        What to expect ?
        Lots of resistance from staff intially. Standard analog pabx is much more stable & call quality much better than voip, but the savings with voip are huge, so there is the savings to weigh up. Especially if you go entirely voip with no isdn being used for incoming or outgoing calls.

        After the first bill arrives though, the boss or accountant will immediately quell any resistance once they see the savings.

        Expect it to be buggy to begin with. Sometimes its a case of playing around with the voip codecs until its right. Some numbers may not work that you dial, which is all just configuartion issues. Depends on how much involvement you have I guess & if someone else is doing some or all of the configurations.

        We do all our own pabx's & voip roll outs. We use Asterisk/Trixbox for our pabx (in fact I have one at home, I dont have any landlines at my house). We use Alloy POE switches & snom or asterisk phones. Some clients have free softphones & headsets to save even further.