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USB port failure

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  • USB port failure

    One of the USB ports at the front of my console now fails to recognise either the Mouse which has always been plugged in there or a Flash Rom. The other front USB port though still recognises both but keeps reminding me I should use a faster version 2. The two USB ports at the rear appear OK. I suspect the problem was caused in this UK cold weather by static electricity, which I noticed at times in my hands. I think this affected the mouse as the PC suddenly restarted itself after me moving across the room quickly when I touched the mouse.

    Should I try to use the repair function from the Windows XP CD, or reinstall some of the drivers for the Motherboard installation CD. If so which please.


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    Re: USB port failure

    Is the case of your mouse plastic?
    It may just be the mouse being used was enough to kick the usb port to bounce the machine but you may indeed be correct.

    If nothing works in it and device manager says everything is ok then it is probably a hardware issue. You can buy a cheap 4 port pci card for about 15 now so it may be better going that route. Only personal opinion though.

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      Re: USB port failure

      What are the front panel USB ports connected to? Direct to the motherboard on a header or from an expansion card? If the rear ones are working re-installing the driver is unlikely to make a difference if they both use the same controller.

      Bear in mind that an awful lot of front panel USB ports are extremely flimsy. They're very easy to snap and the contacts appear to be made from chewing gum wrappers on some of them that I've seen.
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        Re: USB port failure

        Originally posted by cruachan View Post
        re-installing the driver is unlikely to make a difference if they both use the same controller.
        I second cruachan in this one. Sounds like a hardware problem. The other port is connected to a USB1.1 bus, this is why you get the warning message.
        Nevertheless, if you want to see what exactly is going on in there, go to Device Manager -> Universal Series Bus controllers. Browse all the USB Root Hub devices and see if all look working properly. If you have any showing, you may try to re-install the device.

        Originally posted by cruachan View Post
        Bear in mind that an awful lot of front panel USB ports are extremely flimsy.
        Also agree, although the things look different for brand computers. HP, IBM and Dell computers I saw were designed properly.

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          Re: USB port failure

          Thanks for your help folks. The device managers for all the USB ports show no problems, even when I activate Properties. I have not added any USB expansion boards, In fact I have never had the occasion to open up the console since I bought the custom made PC some 18 months ago.

          Actually I have no need now of the inactive USB port as I now run a laser mouse using a USB to PC2 adapter. If I ever do need to use a USB expansion board into one of the rear ports, do I need to use a board with its own power supply, or can I use one using the PC power?


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            Re: USB port failure

            I think you're confusing expansion cards and USB hubs.

            An expansion card fits inside the computer and connects to a PCI slot on the motherboard. It takes its power from the PCI bus.

            A USB hub on the other hand is external to the computer and connects to an existing USB port. These are available with and without power adapters, however it would be better for you to get one with its own power supply.
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