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  • WSS 3.0 / Moss2007


    i am an admin of WSS 3.0 server ,
    i need to build another site that everyone at the network will be able to surf and read only from it
    no metter what i try , it fails and ask me to change the user
    if i can change it to a normal user/password screen or with no user/psed

    please advice


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    Re: WSS 3.0 / Moss2007

    Originally posted by tulik23 View Post
    it fails and ask me to change the user
    if i can change it to a normal user/password screen or with no user/psed
    What does this mean? Please describe your problem in detail.
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      Re: WSS 3.0 / Moss2007


      i have one site that i am runing and its ok
      now i need to build a new one that should be open to all users ! (to read)
      i went to :
      1. "Central Admin" page
      2.Create New Web Application
      Authentication provider: Negotiate (Kerberos)Check security configuration settings. NTLMAllow Anonymous: YesNo

      Use existing application pool DefaultAppPool (Network Service) JAZZ (jazzu) SharePoint - 3917 (CORP\tzvikakl) SharePoint - 80 (corp\administrator)
      Missing application pool name Create new application poolApplication pool name
      Missing application pool name
      Invalid application pool name Select a security account for this application pool Predefined Network Service
      Enter an application pool account. ConfigurableUser name
      Enter an application pool user name. Password
      Enter a password.
      Then i go to :

      Create Site Collection page.

      and type the defualts

      Now how can i configure it to be open for all users to surf there ???
      i need to change somthing in the IIS ? so a user\password login screen will apper ?



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        Re: WSS 3.0 / Moss2007


        i found it on


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          Re: WSS 3.0 / Moss2007

          Nice find Tulik and thanks for posting back with the link to share with others. We really do appreciate contributions like that to our community. Thank You.
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