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  • All dashes in every app

    I had a friend call me with a strange problem, about 15 minutes after his computer boots up whenever he opens anything it starts fillng up with dashes ------------- emails, documents, URLs etc it doesn't seem to matter. I have looked around but haven't seen any info regarding a virus and he has swapped out several key boards. is there a virus that anyone knows about that would be doing this? I found a bios virus with similar systems but not exact


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    Re: All dashes in every app

    I don't suppose there's anything between the keyboard and computer? KVM, keylogger, barcode scanner?
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      Re: All dashes in every app

      nothing in between


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        Re: All dashes in every app

        Two questions:

        1. Is this a laptop?
        2. Are you using a PS/2 or USB keyboard?


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          Re: All dashes in every app

          it is a desktop and I have tried both types of keyboard connectors.


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            Re: All dashes in every app

            What happens if the keyboard is removed while the PC is running? Obviously open a Word document before disconnecting the keyboard.
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              Re: All dashes in every app

              You could try reinstalling /updating the keyboard drivers in device manager.
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                Re: All dashes in every app

                Follow the instructions here

                Turn off speech recognition. To turn off speech recognition, follow these steps:
                Open the Regional and Language Options tool in Control Panel.
                On the Languages tab, click Details under Text services and input languages.
                Under Installed services, click Speech Recognition, and then click Remove.
                Click OK to apply all the changes. You may need to restart your computer.
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