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Sharepoint Portal Alert notification's not working

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  • Sharepoint Portal Alert notification's not working

    We currently have Sharepoint portal server 2003 SP2 and WSS 2.0 running on a server 2003 box. Just recently our alert notifications seemed to of stopped working. I have attempted to do the following to resolve the problem.

    Rebuilt the index on the portal
    restarted alert and timer service
    checked the account for the services
    made sure the service accounts was a domain account.
    Checked email server settings

    This is what i get in my SPSNOTIFCATIONSERVICE.LOG

    000004C3 UNK 00000000 00001120 Alerts are active for the following site:
    Site Name: 'Enterprise Portal' Site ID: '27d08d31-06f9-4242-9e27-62209142de29' SMTP Server: '' Loaded templates:
    D:\Program Files\SharePoint Portal Server\DATA\Alerts\1033\AlertAutoDeactivationNotif ication.xsl
    D:\Program Files\SharePoint Portal Server\DATA\Alerts\1033\AlertResultNotification.xs l
    D:\Program Files\SharePoint Portal Server\DATA\Alerts\1033\AlertCreationConfirmation. xsl
    D:\Program Files\SharePoint Portal Server\DATA\Alerts\1033\AlertNewsLetterNotificatio n.xsl<BR>
    000004C3 UNK 00000000 00001120 AppDomain: SPSNotificationService.exe<BR>
    00000AAE CRI 8000FFFF 00001120 MSSCNTRS: Cannot get perf statistics on library SSO.<BR>

    I am at the end on what else to try. Any ideas?