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  • iis problem

    my iis service not working i dont know why
    is working befor and is stop the service but the ftp service still working

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    Re: iis problem

    What OS. What service pack. What precisely is not working. How do you know it is not working. What changes have you made. Is your OS up to date. Is there anything in the event logs. Given the amount of detail you've provided, there's no real help anybody can give you.

    What does this have to do with Active Directory? Maybe this should have been posted into a Windows forum? If you tell us what version of Windows you're using then a mod can move it into the appropriate forum.
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      Re: iis problem

      For future reference, questions related to Windows 2003 OS are best asked in the Windows 2003 forum. One of the MODs will most likely move this shortly.


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        Re: iis problem

        There is no indication this IS related to the "Windows 2003 OS" but moved to Misc pending more information
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