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  • MSSQLSERVER Event ID 18456

    Login failed for user "(SQL database name)". [Client IP address] - which is the server IP

    Google this ends up with a lot of information that has not really helped. Evidently this is a password not matching issue. A update two weeks ago on the SQL software (DVM Manager) resulted in a corrupt password which the software vendor reset. They are absolutely not helpful - calling them is almost a waste of time. Since we can login and use the software, the vendor think everything is fine. The password needs to be reset so all accounts match.
    If anyone could direct me on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated as I am an SQL dummy.
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    Re: MSSQLSERVER Event ID 18456

    Knowing which version of SQL Server you are using would be a great help, as well as the usual information about server OS, domain environment and (in this case) SQL authentication method
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      Re: MSSQLSERVER Event ID 18456

      Windows 2000 Server (5.0.2195) with Service Pack 4. SQL 2005 Express Edition (9.0.2047) Service Pack 1
      This is a domain controller with local PC's and Terminals all accessing it via terminal services.

      Windows Authenication is used to access the SQL database.
      Each of the SQL Services logon is the Local System Account

      We noticed this error seems to only occurs when users log on to the SQL database. The ability to log on and use the SQL database works fine.

      SQL Server Management Studio Express is installed


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        Re: MSSQLSERVER Event ID 18456

        Just FYI, it's not recommended to install services such as SQL Server on a DC, for performance reasons. It is also strongly recommended that you do not install terminal services on a DC - again for performance reasons, but more importantly for security reasons.
        Gareth Howells

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