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  • MOSS 2007 Problem


    I've little problem with MOSS 2007. I've recently moved it to new location hoping it would help to have it locally on LAN (100mbit) comparing to 4mbit/s | 512kbit/s location at hosting.

    The problem i was experiencing back then was that I wrote a script to copy multiple files from multiple dirs from SharePoint to local drive. The scripts does simple copy using share

    etc and it copies them to E:\Directory.

    The problem was that during copy of over 700 files daily it often hanged computer completely leaving no other option then to shutdown computer the hard way.

    After moving SharePoint to LAN i thought the problem would stop. The problem is it doesn't. Well it works for my computer okey now, but for this other girl in other department the computer still hangs totally so you have to shut it down. Sometimes disconnecting the Lan cable for longer while would help but usually shutdown was the only way to fix it.

    So now i am wondering what should i check. I tried running wire shark but it wasn't showing anything out of ordinary for me and the copying of files was working. I thought it could have been external drive problem so we bought new one but still no go. There are no errors on sharepoint in application log aswell.

    Anything you can advice on this copy problem? Maybe i should configure something in SharePoint to be a bit more "copy" friendly
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