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3D Netwerk Diagram software

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  • 3D Netwerk Diagram software

    I came across a 3D Netwerk Diagram at a site and was wondering wich programm there are using it to create these diagrams.

    The last few weeks i am encoutering these diagrams more and more.
    For an example:

    Anybody an idea how i can make these diagrams?
    I know of Microsoft Visio, but if you see these diagrams, then visio is out dated.

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    Re: 3D Netwerk Diagram software

    I wouldn't say Visio was outdated. It depends on who uses it! Have you seen the HP/Cisco etc kit pictures you can add? Racks etc?

    Apologies for the slightly off topic as I don't know the program involved here but it may just be a nice drawing rather than a technical tool.

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      Re: 3D Netwerk Diagram software

      At a previous workplace, we had a few licences for a Visio plugin that added this sort of functionality. Don't remember what it was called though.

      Maybe take a look at

      I don't think Visio is outdated, it's just targetted at a certain market.
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        Re: 3D Netwerk Diagram software

        It looks a lot like a graphic designer's job, and not a search-and-discover software. Notice that all components have generic names, based on their task, and not IP addresses or DNS names or such...
        I really don't think one can call Visio out-dated... Especially when there are places like VisioCafe that provide you with manufacturer-specific equipment. Check this one out: VSDFX .
        Take a look at the attached pic. It is from a Visio design (for a new blade servers project). Every component there was added and configured separately. But this is not a Visio add, so I'll stop here
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          Re: 3D Netwerk Diagram software

          Originally posted by Iznogoud View Post
          I came across a 3D Netwerk Diagram at a site and was wondering wich programm there are using it to create these diagrams.
          It's called Adobe Illustrator. Seriously, I doubt there's a graphing tool that makes trendy-kewl network diagrams like that. Not yet anyway. Give it a few years. (Of course, if you find a tool that does diagrams exactly like the picture that you posted, let me know!) I like eye-candy just as much as the next guy, but Visio isn't dead yet. It can be pretty enough for most boardroom presentations, no?
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            Re: 3D Netwerk Diagram software

            Hmmm it looks kinda cool.
            Maybe you should ask the creator of the image which tooling he used.

            hmmm this looks like a nice start
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