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Windows 2003/08 AD - Users accessing Home Directories externally.

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  • Windows 2003/08 AD - Users accessing Home Directories externally.

    Hi all,

    I'm currently researching the feasibility of students and staff from my school (8-12) accessing files from home.

    We have 2 Windows 2003 DCs which are scheduled to be upgraded to Win2008 at the end of the year. We also have a further 2 Windows 2003 servers running various applications (print servers, IIS, Sharepoint - although sharepoint not being used yet).
    We also have an ISA 2006 server on the edge of our network.

    What I'm looking at is allowing both students and staff to access files from their Home Directories (as defined in AD) from home via something like Sharepoint.

    The scenario I envisage (if its possible) is:
    1. Users browse to a website say
    2. Users must then authenticate through ISA server
    3. Users are then able to browse intranet or alternatively go to their documents.
    4. Users are able to download (and upload, possibly) documents which are stored in their 'home directory' which is located on one of the file servers.

    Is such a setup possible? My ultimate goal is to have it pretty much exactly like sharepoint but instead of having collaborative workspaces/sites, I want each user to have access to all files which are located in their home directory.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Windows 2003/08 AD - Users accessing Home Directories externally.

    Giving students upload access wouldn't be a good idea in my opinion. What you could to is run a Citrix server, or a Terminal Services server, or something similar.
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      Re: Windows 2003/08 AD - Users accessing Home Directories externally.

      Is this 8 - 12 individual users or years 8 to 12?
      What State are you in? I would suggest you contact the DOE and find out what their guidelines are for this process.
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        Re: Windows 2003/08 AD - Users accessing Home Directories externally.

        I'm not overly keen about upload access myself, but the IT coord has asked about it.

        I'm in South Australia and DECS aren't overly helpful in regards to such setups - they allow us to host data from our schools only as long as we secure it (hence the ISA etc) they won't/can't support or suggest anything in terms of solutions in most cases.

        I'm mainly trying to ascertain whether or not its a viable solution given current limitations (which is a fairly restrictive budget etc) - I'm not looking at running any citrix or other servers/clients at this stage.

        When I say 8-12 I do mean Years 8 to 12, as well as staff access - Overall there is roughly 900 users in the school who could potentially access such a system. The ISA/Intranet stuff is already there, the main problem is defining what is and isn't possible in terms of Home Directory access.

        Oh and rest assured, although DECS aren't the easiest of people to work with, I will still consult them as it's their rules I have to abide by. I just don't want to go in blind when speaking to them.