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  • Ghost boot network CD

    As FLoppy disk drives are becoming a thing of the past, I'm trying to build a Ghost boot CD, with network drivers. The way it works, is boot from the CD, and it logs onto the network, then runs Ghost.

    The problem occurs when I try to run the network drivers, it tries to write back to the CD, which it can't, and fails. I tried to get around this by creating a RAMdrive and copying the network fails there, but that also fails.

    Has anyone got any ideas, or has anyone done this?

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    What version of Ghost are you using?
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      Hi emjay653,

      The answer is . One size fits ALL of your need. You don't have to worry about which ghost version anymore. (only one floopy and you can make a bootable CD as well).

      Hope this helps,



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        I plan to use either v9 or 2003.

        It turned out I had forgotten to include a file on the floppy disk, that I had created the boot image from...Doh!!!!

        Now, I've fixed that issue, just for another one to appear. This one appears when it's trying to "Net start". It runs out of memory...Sheesh...


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          Unlucky, usually is the case though. Shame memmaker's not around any more !!!

          Sorry I know it's no help but I'm 2 posts off a ton.
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            make that 1.

            Wait hang on.........
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              i dont know which version of ghost you r using , but i m guessing a good one like the enterprise versions. well i had the same problem , build your cd on norton ghost 2003 , make sure you liveupdate it before using it. not register.

              the other reason it might be , is that there is a problem with the driver u r using, because norton ghost is an executable file that is read only , it does not need to write anything other than to ghosterr.txt incase of an error. plus ghost does not use the ghost.exe on your cd it takes it to the memory and then it executes it.


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                Fixed my latest issue just by setting one of the drivers as DEVICEHIGH, so now I've got a CD that boots onto the network...Woo hoo...Only took ages and several CDs...

                Glad to help you hit the ton Topper