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  • Ghost Image Restore

    I have just used a ghost image to format and replace my computer to when I first bought it. I have done this many times when my computer becomes slow and clogged up from using the internet all the time. It has always worked without problems!

    Once the ghost image had copied to the hard drive I clicked reset the computer as normal, went to the BIOS and reset the boot sequence so that the hard disk would be first boot!

    The computer has come up with the black screen with "Reboot and select proper boot device or reinsert boot media in selected boot device"

    I have checked all the cables in the computer and in the BIOS it is recognising that there is a hard disk drive but it still wont start!

    Any help would be much appreciated cause I'mm pulling my hair out!!

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    Re: Ghost Image Restore

    What OS?
    Can you boot from the original media and see if you can repair the boot files?
    Or even boot from another OS cd to see if you can read the disk?

    Maybe try resetting the bios and then changing the boot sequence again?

    no floppy or usb stick in the machine?

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      Re: Ghost Image Restore

      Try taking the cd/dvd disk. floppys, usb storage out of the computer.
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        Re: Ghost Image Restore

        I have tried that and the hard disk is not recognised, it cannot find it!

        I have not left any disks in the computer!

        Someone told me about a program that can fix your computer and do lots of other things! Any ideas where I could get a program or cd that will boot my computer and diagnose problems?



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          Re: Ghost Image Restore

          If the hard drive is not recognised, then that is a hardware issue... presumably you have checked in the BIOS to see if it is detected in there.

          Have you tried reseating and replacing the relevant cables? Tried changing which port the hard drive connects to? Tried a different hard disk to see if that is recognised?
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