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  • Host a Server, WHERE?

    My folk,
    I have a client that needs a server for e-commerce involving $$$, he wants to host the server with a big provider online. Which one is good? Which one offer a secure environment? And prices?

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    Re: Host a Server, WHERE?

    Does he want to rent one of their servers, or have them host his own server? Does it have to be a physical server or would a VPS do?

    You'll find out the cost by looking it up.

    As for which ones are "good", that is subjective. Once you have some names you could possibly ask if anybody on here has any experience with those providers.
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      Re: Host a Server, WHERE?

      Could a VM, noa a shared one, because must be a high security machine.
      Instead I check the net for the companies, im asking to the people here to post what they know


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