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  • Ghost boot disk 2gb

    I've created a Ghost boot disk, so that I can dump images on to a server, using PC-DOS. However, the software can only see 2Gb of the partition.

    Is there any way to get PC-DOS to see above 2Gb, or is there another method I can try?

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    Not sure I understand your question due to its brevity and minimal info, but here goes.

    What version of Ghost are you using?
    How big is the partition you are trying to dump?
    What file system is on the target?

    Ghost will create a 1.99GB file size. However if the image is bigger than 1.99GB it will span the image across several files. If you look at a created image that is larger than 2GB you will only see the one (1) filename.gho file. The rest of the image will be filename001.GHS, filename.002.GHS etc
    1 1 was a racehorse.
    2 2 was 1 2.
    1 1 1 1 race 1 day,
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      I'm using Ghost 2003

      The partition is reported as being just over 2Gb

      The target is windows 2003 server, with NTFS

      I've managed to find a workaround by using a Win 98 formatted disk, which can see the entire target partition.



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        the windows 98 version seems more logical , because PC-DOS 7.1 is fat16 based file system. format your harddrive using partion magic or whatever to whatever size using fat32 then use command.copy from an existing windows 98 machine as it is not on windows98 cd , it is \windows\command directory, copy it to a floppy formated with /s switch so it copies the system 98 after the format then copy to the floppy. after booting from the floppy use a:\>sys a: c:
        then you would have made a bootable harddrive of win98 then copy to it ghost.exe and all your images.