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Trend Micro slacking off on live viruses

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  • Trend Micro slacking off on live viruses

    This is not a post about better AV solutions...yet.

    More about;

    In the past month all of my virus disasters have been "protected" by trend.
    AVG - Fine
    Symantec - Fine
    Trend - bad.

    In the past they have been great, and always had awesome performance.

    Anyone else have the same experience?
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    Re: Trend Micro slacking off on live viruses

    No AV is ever going to give perfect results, it may just be Trends turn for you? I think it is good you are mixing different types as it means you have a better chance to detect more types overall, hence you can see this trend?

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      Re: Trend Micro slacking off on live viruses

      Originally posted by Jim Kelly, Melbourne SBS Users Group
      However Karen Christian has just posted an alert that anyone using v3.5 or v3.6 MUST update to v5 to be adequately protected.
      Pity, v5 is a pig to install. Maybe Wayne or others have some tips? I can contribute this:

      The 800MB download gets corrupted during expansion leading to all sorts of weird errors . . . Try expanding it using WinZIP as it is apparently used to package it. However I hate adding anything unnecessary to a server or desktop so this is irritating too, along with the hours wasted because they don't see fit to alert us pro-actively at the point of getting the download.

      Once you have a working copy of the v5 install folders do not try to put it onto a DVD as the file names they have used are skipped by that process . . . they have some really stupid filenames including a small .gif with absolutely no prefix at all!!!!

      I detest this lack of understanding of our life at the coal-face, usually at the weekends or at night. To top it off their "24hr" support phone number got stuck in an indefinite loop last week making it seemingly impossible to get help at night . . .

      Version 5.1 has been imminent for some time, leading me to refrain from incurring any more of these painful installs - which in all cases have been uninstall then reinstall (losing all exclusions in the process!!) in an attempt to regain protection.

      What are others thinking? Should we wait for v5.1 or jump quickly to the dire warnings that v3.5 and v3.6 are inadequate??
      Don't know if this helps or not but it does seem a bit relevant to me.
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        Re: Trend Micro slacking off on live viruses

        Usually when a vendor gives us that many reasons to doubt their competance, we switch to a better product...
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          Re: Trend Micro slacking off on live viruses

          Im starting to believe too that Trend has slacked off & will soon drop ranks in the AV market.

          All our servers have been "protected" by Trend Server protect for the past few years. All the pattern files & engines are up to date, yet we still get hit by viruses.

          Of course its true that no AV solution can provide cover against everything, after all if a virus is released right now & their heuristics dont pick up on it, it will be at least a few days before their pattern files are up to date.

          However, if I do an online scan with Panda, Kapersky or McAfee, it finds the problems that Trend couldnt, so WTF!?


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            Re: Trend Micro slacking off on live viruses

            For me the key thing is, you are never safe.
            It is a constant battle and it may get to the point where, even if you are disappointed in your AV, you know it well enough to see its flaws and involve other products to cover those. Rolling out a new AV may mean some things are missed.

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