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SQL 2005 STD replication through another gateway

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  • SQL 2005 STD replication through another gateway

    In our company, we have AD enviroment with Exchange 2007, ISA 2006 etc. We also have Navision which works with MS SQL STD.

    We have 2 gateways : (ISA) -which is for Internet users. Now, I want to configure another gateway for SQL/Navision server (which is AD member) replication with remote locations which should go through (Mikrotik).

    I just wanted to ask : Is it possible? Is it enough just to configure default gateway on SQL/Navision server to (Mikrotik)

    It should be asumed that our company and remote locations are connected.

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    Re: SQL 2005 STD replication through another gateway

    Heh, I will try now to answer to myself. If somebody see that I'm wrong, please let me know.

    Our SQL/NAV server should be aviailable from Internet (for updates) and from remote locations (VPN) for database replication. Because it can't have 2 default gateways I should manually add a route for VPN locations:

    route -p add <destination network> <dest. network mask>

    Same should be done on our Exchange server because VPN users should have e-mail traffic only with central location.

    Note : Default gateway is same for all servers and it points to ISA (

    This is a snap how network should look:

    Internet <> (ISA) Central location (Mikrotik) <> VPN (secure tunnel) <> (Mikrotik) Remote location

    Am I right, theoreticaly?
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