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  • NTFS permissions

    Here is an interesting question i had for a job interview as a windows support engineer:

    users require access to \\server1\folderA, user a is a member of everyone and groupA , the everyone group has full control and GroupA modify, what would be their effective permissions?

    I thought that this would be full control as the least restrictive applies, would be interesting to see what everyone else thinks.
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    Re: NTFS permissions

    It isn't that least restrictive applies as I don't like that description. It is that both permissions are allow therefore cumulative for this account. So, in this case, Full Control is correct. If there were denies then it becomes more interesting.
    Explicit Deny
    Explicit Allow
    Inherited Deny
    Inherited Allow
    Something like this is good:

    To be picky as well I would also tell them to check both share and ntfs permissions.

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      Re: NTFS permissions

      Just to go a bit, who in their right mind would give anyone let alone the Everyone group Full Control of a folder? (NOT talking about SHARE permission here) And yes, I do realise it is a hypothetical job interview question.
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        Re: NTFS permissions

        It would be full control depending on the share permission.