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    Hi, i'm runnning a xampp apache server on XP Professional SP3 and i'm trying to hide the .php part of a url like on youtube.
    Go and watch a video on youtube, Now notice that there should be a .php after /watch and before ? but there isnt.
    now i can prove that youtube is .php by just adding in .php after /watch.
    Can anyone tell me how to do this to my server?
    I reckon its something to do with mod_rewrite
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    Re: Hide .php

    This isn't really a security issue. You would be better off posting to an Apache or PHP mailing list.
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      Re: Hide .php

      Moved to Misc forum.
      I missed this one.
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        Re: Hide .php

        The apache httpd.config file sets the pre-processor for each page type. If you wish you can set it to send to the php pre-processor by default.

        look for something like this

        <Files *.php>
        SetOutputFilter PHP SetInputFilter PHP LimitRequestBody 9524288
        and change *.php to pick up all files. Different apache setups may not have this as part of the main config so you may need to go look for it in includes.

        PS you will need to re-name all your files and look at how links are formed. Unix/Linux/BSDs etc have tools that can do this.