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  • Iomega REV Drive

    Has anyone tested or is using an Iomega REV drive for backups? The reviews sound rosey but I would like to know what they work like in the real world especially if it is being used on a 2003 server.

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    I did a lot of research and while I have no personal experience after looking up many reviews etc... I decided to go with LTO2 backup drives.

    main reason being that the technology is too new, iomega IMHO isn't much of a name when it comes to server environments and as far as support goes you get MUCH better options from HP or whoever you decide to get your LTO2/3 or other kind of tape backup from.

    And lets face it, when you need it the support is #1 on the priority list.

    but I'd give iomega thumbs up for trying, I'm sure in several years that technology may take off and be wide-spread enough to use without worries. (I'm all for being first, but when it comes to servers and critical systems I'd rather be a follower