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Store password in hidden form to be copied later?

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  • Store password in hidden form to be copied later?

    I am a student in a dorm with 33 kids in a study abroad program. We have been looking for a way to watch American football here in Belgium. One of my friends back home has the NFL sunday ticket, and informed me that you can stream the games over the internet. There is a computer in our TV lounge that is hooked up to a projecter. We stream the games to that computer and play them over the projector so that the rest of us can watch them. Everythign works great!

    But there is one problem.

    In order to stream the games, you have to log into the Direct TV streaming program each time with a username and password (it does not remember the login credentials). My friend emailed me the login and password. Up to this point, I have been available to log in the computer so that people can watch the games. But what happens when I am not avaiable?
    I have no problem saving the login on the computer, but I cannot disclose the password to the other students as it is not mine and I want to protect access to this privilege.

    Is there any way to save a password on the computer in a encrypted or hidden way so that people could copy and paste it into the password field and login without actually being able to read the password in clear text?

    I know this is a strange problem, and thank you in advance for your time.

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    Re: Store password in hidden form to be copied later?

    As far as I'm aware, no.
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