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Anyone familiar with APC Smart UPS's?

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  • Anyone familiar with APC Smart UPS's?

    Hi guys,

    I have an APC Smart UPS I got about a year ago which has my PC tower/monitor and laptop adapter plugged into the battery + surge protector side, and misc plugs in the surge protector only side.

    Over the last year my battery's estimated time remaining had kept draining down (new it was 45 mins, then around 20 mins, now down to 4 mins)... how exactly do I recharge the battery? Everything turned off on me this morning.

    In the PowerChute program it says the battery's remaining capacity is 100% and the battery is currently charged, but why is my battery time only 4 mins now rather than it actually charged or not?


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    Re: Anyone familiar with APC Smart UPS's?

    If it is still under warranty call APC or the store you purchased it from.

    Was the UPS making any alarm sounds? Check that the power cable is firmly connected to the power in socket.
    If out of warranty, remove the cover and physically check the batteries. Be careful because they are lead acid and you could get an acid burn. I have suggested this because I had a UPS fail when the 12v 7.4aH battery developed a split in the battery and totally stopped working. The batteries can easily be replaced. Again, check to see if the device is still under warranty BEFORE pulling it apart.
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      Re: Anyone familiar with APC Smart UPS's?

      You did not say what model of SmartUPS do you have... 450? 700? 3000?
      On the device, you have two rows of vertical LEDs. The right one is of the battery filling percentage and the left one is the current load. Every LED is 20% (there are five of them).
      Now, to the questions:
      - what is the load of your UPS device (how many LEDs are on)?
      - what is the fill percent of the batteries?
      - what devices are connected to the UPS right now?

      Note: please deal very carefully with the batteries! Mishandling those can be harmful to your health!!

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        Re: Anyone familiar with APC Smart UPS's?

        Perform a calibration test. This will completely drain the battery and recharge it. The process accurately recalculates the battery time remaining when the battery is fully charged.

        Obviously, make sure to do this when workload is low.

        If the battery remains at the low level reported then you should replace it.

        I have an APC SmartUPS 630something or other that is two years old, and the battery life is 10 mins - this is a very small UPS. On the rack-mount UPS we have, the battery life is 45mins.
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          Re: Anyone familiar with APC Smart UPS's?

          Hey guys,
          sorry for the delay... I actually realized my UPS was not a SmartUPS, it's just a Backup 550ES model...I think I just assumed it was Smart but it's actually dumb .
          Anyways, it was an easy fix.... I just unplugged it, pulled the battery out and reconnected it, let it sit for a little while with everything turned off and then it was back to 45 mins .

          Thank you for all the suggestions!