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  • Raid Configuration


    I have a 10x73GB Server. It is an X86 Intel model with 2 quad core Xeon processors and 6GB RAM. It also has 2 raid controllers.

    I have been asked to suggest and explain my methodolgy of deploying this server.
    It is going to be a web application server with a backend database. It requires IIS 6.0 and MS SQL 2005. The os is Windows Server 2003r2 32 bit.

    The database is not going to grow more than 30GB. Its is not going to be a 24/7 application but needs to be high in resillience and performance.
    An Active Directory infrustructure is also availble as well as an IP address.

    Please could I have suggestions for:
    1) Raid configuration.
    2) DMZ or Member of domain
    3) if in DMZ any security & authentication issues.

    Many Thanks.

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    Re: Raid Configuration

    From SQL 2005 courses, you should be looking at:

    Operating System requires redundancy: 2 drives (RAID1)
    SQL Server Application: 2 drives (RAID1)
    SQL Data: Redundancy: (RAID1 or RAID5)
    SQL Logs: Fast but redundant storage (RAID1, possibly RAID 1+0)
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      Re: Raid Configuration

      Originally posted by sameeha01 View Post

      2) DMZ or Member of domain
      3) if in DMZ any security & authentication issues.
      for those bits, how are your users connecting? Are they anonymous or requiring AD auth? You don't want to put a domain attached machine in a DMZ so can you explain a bit more about the setup please?

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        Re: Raid Configuration

        I think they want us to use AD authentication.

        I was thinking placing the server in the DMZ and opening up ports on firewall to authenticate to AD?? Does that sound like the correct thing to do?? if so what ports need to open?? or can you suggest alternate method.

        Many Thanks