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How to block https:// sites

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  • How to block https:// sites


    I am using winproxy 6 .

    I want to block https:// sites like how can i do it.

    If any other software availabe that blocks gmail , yahoo mails in LAN network.


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    Re: How to block https:// sites

    There is a user manual on their site, have you read that?

    The following is taken from the manual.
    When you enable the HTTP proxy in WinProxy, you also automatically enable secure sockets connections
    (known as HTTPS or SSL, and used for secure transactions on the Internet), unless it’s specifically prohibited by
    command filtering (see below).

    Enable Command Filtering allows you to specify which specific HTTP commands WinProxy users can utilize.
    Command Filtering works on both Proxy (http) and Transparent Proxy (httn) connections. The various suboptions
    are grayed out until you check Enable Command Filtering; you may then select the sub-options you
    want available to users. We discuss here the four most commonly-used commands (you’ll probably never need to
    use the others, which are proposed HTTP extensions):
    • Get: Retrieve a document from the server. Get is the most common command.
    • Put: Put a document onto the server. Put is used when authoring a web page and should be enabled only if
    it’s needed.
    • Connect: Connect establishes a secure sockets connection. WinProxy supports secure sockets proxying. If
    you don’t want secure sockets, disable this command.
    • Post: Post is used to fill out a form on the web and submit the results. If this option is disabled, many standard
    web features will also be disabled.
    NOTE TO LAN ADMINISTRATORS:If command filtering is disabled, all commands are permitted—
    even those not recognized—as long as they are formatted correctly.
    Permit SSL Connections on non-standard ports allows secure connections on non-standard ports. This option
    applies to connections through the standard proxy, and is not needed for connections through Transparent
    Proxy. Enable this option if software you’re using—or a website you’re accessing—establishes SSL connections
    on ports other than the standard 443 and 563, and the software is configure to go through a proxy. Secure servers
    using non-standard ports are becoming more common on the Internet.

    Please read this before you post:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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      Re: How to block https:// sites

      Dear Andy thank for ur reply

      I want to block gmail site which using https ie.

      i can block but not in winproxy.

      how can i do that?

      Is there any other software are available.