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IT solution based on security cameras

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  • IT solution based on security cameras

    I'm a software developer, i'm checking right now the applicability of some IT organizational solution. This solution applies to large organization (more than 100 meters of out-door area) and combines software that communicate with DVR/NVR cameras. The software can interact with any video infrastructure (DVR/IP cameras,etc.), there should be a server in the organization and dozens of cameras around connecting within the same network. My questions are concerning the network implementation of the cameras in the organization area.

    It's not possible to connect the all area using wires , however in each point there are 2-3 closed cameras, there is no explicit cost limit, each of the alternatives will be evaluated based on quality + flexibility + price.

    These are the options i can think about:
    1. Use wireless IP cameras
    2. Use IP camera, connect each point (2-3 cameras) using cables to an access point
    3. Use DVR cameras, Connect each point (2-3) cameras with cables to a cheap, wireless computer.

    My questions are:
    1. Which option is preferable with respect to flexibility , quality and price?
    2. Is there any other options?


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    Re: IT solution based on security cameras

    >>(more than 100 meters of out-door area)
    Between buildings or just out door area?

    If just between buildings, you could put the wireless bridge to connect 2 or more
    Network DVR machines.

    Wireless Bridge
    LAN1============================== LAN2
    || ||
    DVR with Network1 (with HDD) DVRwith Network2 (with HDD)
    Cam1 Cam2 Cam3 Cam5 Cam6 Cam7 Cam8


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      Re: IT solution based on security cameras

      Thanks for your answer... My knowledge regarding networks and DVR is insufficient, can you please explain what are:
      1. DVR machine
      2. Wireless bridge (is this access point)?
      3. HDD

      The area is outdor with almost no buildings... why the existence of buildings matters?


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        Re: IT solution based on security cameras

        1. DVR =
        2. Yes.
        3. HDD =

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