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  • Storage

    Hi All,

    I have Dell DAS box with 15TB storage capacity, like to configure RAID 5 for redundancy.

    Let me know should i split the RAID 5 into two and keep one hot spare HDD or two hot spare HDD.

    Or should i implement one single RAID 5 & keep single hot spare.

    What is best practice to minise the data loss & recover the data fast.


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    Re: Storage

    What is the application? Is it a critical database? Is it simple file sharing? Is it distributed file sharing across several sites? How critical is minute-by-minute access to the data? This will determine the best practice.

    Generally with medium-critical (i.e. can lose it for half an hour but absolutely MUST have it back within an hour) simple file sharing, one hot spare will be sufficient. With hot swappable drives, if you have a couple of spares standing by, I would not bother using a hot spare at all - just swap out the faulty drive. This way, you can use all the drives directly in the array.

    With super-critical data, you're looking at two hot spares, hot swappable drives and some cold spares standing by, and make sure the server is clustered so that you can fail over at a moment's notice. Even better, the data would be on a SAN and your server would ALSO be clustered.

    In the absence of a SAN, have you considered RAID-10? It's basically a mirrored RAID-5 - two full sets of disks, each configured as RAID-5, one a mirror of the other.

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      Re: Storage

      What model is your DAS?
      What (and how many) disk controller(s) are installed? With how much memory on it (them)? Is that cache battery-backed up?
      Only after you answer Stonelaughter's questions and mine, we will be able to get the full picture and give you a proper answer.

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        Re: Storage

        Without looking up the specs on the device, can it do RAID 6? This may be a better option than a RAID 10 and the resulting storage loss and it provides a bit better redundancy than RAID 5.
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