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    Hello People,

    Actually we have one mail server connected to an IP frame Relay. Now we have purchased a new one and it is being used as a second mail server on which we replicate our mails. Actually I need to know how can I configure the second mail server to continue receive mails if the first one IP frame relay fails. Can we have a backup line as ISDN with the same Fixed IP. Please note that the second mail server is on another site and also is there any config to be makde on the PDC like MX 10 mx 20....etc...

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    Re: Email Infrastructure

    just set it up with another IP, and give it a secondary mx preference
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      Re: Email Infrastructure


      Thanks for your help, Would that mean to have a second frame relay and register the second ip on the domain registrar. then configure mx record on the domain infrastructure to order the mail server mx10, mx20.

      am not so familiar with mx record. does this mean that when the first one fails the second one takes over.

      Thanks for clarifying


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        Re: Email Infrastructure

        Pretty much, the number you have set with the MX record sets the priority of the MX record.

        You can also set records up with the same priority and they will load balance with each other.

        Here's a link with more info....
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