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  • Windows Installation

    I have Laptop Toshiba P 3 800 MHZ with 800MB RAM.
    I'm going to install windws xp but the problem is that my cd-rom is not good and he cant read any cd.
    Is it possible to connect external usb cd-rom and install the windows from this drive?
    or if anyone have any idea how can i do that. (there is no windows running now on the laptop?
    the build in cd-rom is not replacable.
    Thank you

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    Does it have a network adapter?
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      You can use an external CD or DVD drive but your BIOS must support booting from USB devices.
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        if you can take the harddrive out of the machine, stick on another computer via a usb adapter or a hx-ide-x adapter , copy your softwares on it then boot from a floppy if it has one, then install from dos ur OS and then the rest, and if it has a NIC install the rest of the software over the network, ... USB boxes have got cheaper and affordable and essential to every IT expert.