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  • Storage device Problem


    I have a WinXP with an ALI chipset. whenever i'm trying to connect my mp3 player usb key win recognise that there's a mp3 player inside but can't install it as a Storage device. there isn't any driver for the player as far as for WinXP and i don't succeed to solve the Problem...

    Please Help me.

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    Truy to use different usb port, what kind of mp3 player?


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      it's a packard-bell Player. i've tried other usb ports

      same thing happens, yet i didn't try to buy other usb pci card.


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        Are you saying that your MP3 player is showing as a storage device and not an MP3 player? If so then thats how some of them work. The computer only sees them as a USB storage device. You should have another drive in My Computer. Drag and drop your MP3s to this device and then you should be able to play them on the MP3 player.

        Hope this helps.
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          other way around, it suppose to be storage device

          only that it's not. at the moment i connect it it recognize an mp3 player and when it continues the installation and trying to find the storage device driver it doesn't succeed.


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            Try to look for usb update firmwire to your computer


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              I did

              It didn't help. Is the problem with the chipset or if i buy a new pci usb card it's probebly going to work ???