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Network Printers

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  • Network Printers

    I did ponder for a moment if this should be in Windows XP/2000... but anyway...

    printers shared out on the network, been working fine for ages but recently they've been playing up a bit.

    if for example the toner runs out, the paper tray runs out, it goes offline, or any other status that holds the printing queue up for a little while till its fixed occurs, the server they are hosted on picks this up and sticks it as the status.

    the problem is fixed - i.e. paper is loaded - and the printer says 'I'm ready!'

    the server however, sits and thinks its out of paper for about 10 minutes longer...

    sometimes turning the printer off and on again kicks it into effect, or restarting the print spooler does...

    any ideas whats causing this?
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    Re: Network Printers

    this is just a idea...

    the printers are network printers right?
    i mean not connected via usb/etc to the server...

    check the server where the printers are installed go to the printer properties
    and search there maybe you find some option to disable this feature/bug

    also check if there are new printer drivers available...
    new drivers new features...

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      Re: Network Printers

      Yep, all networked, tried updating some drivers but its affecting all...

      what's strange is some months they work fine - then for abotu a month they are all affected
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        Re: Network Printers

        During these months that it does not there an increase in the volume of prints? If that's the case, then you may need to upgrade memory on the server...or the server all together.

        Next time the printer hangs like you mention, log in and take a look at the Task Manager and Performance Tab. See if the CPU is high or Memory is high.
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          Re: Network Printers

          What version is your print server?

          Where do you see these status messages (server or client)?

          I would also suggest setting up perfmon on your print server to get a baseline and compare notes between when it's working fine and when it is not.

          I would also suggest taking a look at the event viewers.
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            Re: Network Printers

            no noticable difference in printing volumes from now (its working fine) and when it goes slow...

            its running win2k server

            you see the (out of paper) etc. messages on both client and server on the status of the printers...
            restarting the print spooler kicks them into life instantly.
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