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Quickmail server issue

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  • Quickmail server issue

    Can anyone help as this is completly stumping me?.

    Basically we have a client who we host there mail for. We have a plesk server, hosting there mails.

    At there end they have a server running quickmail pro for mac 2.2.

    They can receive mail on one account [email protected] address, which goes to everyone. But they cannot receive mails to individidual mail accounts [email protected] This runs on pop by the way.

    They can send as themselves, but when you mail the individual directly or reply it doesnt get through but the [email protected] address goes to everyone. It must be something on the quickmail server. But what it is i dont know. Completly stumped, plus its a remote site so it doesnt help. Plus im a Windows person .

    So it goes like this

    There Quickmail server connects to our plesk server via pop3 and pulls the mails from the plesk server, which then should go to the specified user, which it isnt?. Only one address seems to get through to everyone.

    Any ideas?. like i said im more used to windows and exchange and this is stuffing me big time?.