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  • Timing off in Outlook replies

    I have a weird problem that I canít solve. I have 2003 Outlook and Exchange 2003 SBS. Everything works well except one user complains that when they reply back to her emails she gets the wrong time in her reply. For example if she sends an email at 4:40 CA time when she gets the reply she sees sent at 7:40.. She is sending to EST time zone location.

    I have applied the Calendar stamp tool by Microsoft, checked the calendar timing under options and checked adjust for daylight time savings. I also checked the timing/date and day time savings on the computer and server.

    Here is the example

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Lisa V*** [mailto:[email protected]******.com]
    Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2008 7:40 PM
    To: Dahl, E****
    Subject: remember this?

    She got that when Dahl replied. She sent that email at 4:40 CA time? I am confused

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    Re: Timing off in Outlook replies

    Are we talking about what shows up in the body when Dahl replies? If so then it's accurate. Eastern time is 3 hours ahead of Pacific and what you're seeing is just text in the body of the email when Dahl hits reply.

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